Monday, March 03, 2008

Oklahoma has 4 eggs, Hornby is online and what else is new

Hornby Eagle Nest can now be enjoyed on Neokast. Go here to get your player or to watch if you already have it downloaded.

Tesoro Eaglets were banded today. Perhaps you will catch this event on the NBC Nightly News or the Today show program. The decision was made to turn off the webcam so until info is forth coming there is nothing else to report except that the Eaglets appear to be recovering from thier human event OK.

Cape Coral 1 Fledge is imminent

Blackwater has its first hatch

California nests.

Pelican Harbor and Seals Rock each have 2 eggs. Two Harbors has 2 "fertile" eggs in the incubator facility on Catalina Island, and the pair is taking good care of their wooden eggs.

Kent has been seen carrying sticks to the nest again. And there is a new nest on the WildWatch site replacing Puget Sound this year. Check out Lake Washington. You will find it linked on the left side of the BLOG

NCTC is waiting for its first hatch late this week or early next week.

Maine still is a Drama but eagles are eing spotted at the nest often in twos on a regular basis.

Norfolk continues to "bond" frequently, and those who love this nest hopefully continue to await a new clutch.

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