Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Eaglet also needing to see a Vet..update 5/22

The eaglet will not be going back into the nest today
Norfolk Botanical: The eaglet will be taken to a rehabilitation center
Norfolk Botanical: it will probably be to the Wildlife Center of VA at Lyndhurst

Norfolk Botanical: VDGIF biologist will address the media about the situation.
Norfolk Botanical: Biologist is Stephen Living
Norfolk Botanical: He will also post more details in his blog at the VDGIF site
Norfolk Botanical: According the vet - the mass is growing rapidly and needs an operation
Norfolk Botanical: It is not sure that this is Avian Pox - the mass has grown faster than thought

Buddy as those who follow the Norfolk Cam have named him, has been photographed with a growth on his beak. There is a picture of buddy with the growthe under the Norfolk thread of the forum on the side of this BLOG.

Tomorrow at 9 am Thurs May 22, the Vet will examine Buddy, determine his health and what needs to be done for him. This event will be covered in the live chat at the Norfolk site.

The forum listed on the side of this BLOG will continue to update on Buddy's condition from Norfolk and also Spirit and Skye's condition from Pelican Harbor.

I hope you have joined and are following the forum. I do post over there on an almost daily basis BUT it is divided into you can take time to read and to follow only those nests you are following and interested in.

We certainly all wish all of our eaglets well.

We do have 3 special ones now to remember in our prayers and parents who also are having hard times. Norfolk has certainly seen its share this year and now this issue with Buddy. I am glad the growth was spotted and glad to see a Vet will be called in BUT I can't imagine it will not need some kind of treatment which will remove it from the nest for more than just a few minutes for a Vet check. Stay tuned. Tomorrow will give us more info on Buddy's condition.

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