Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 24 NCTC The whole Family,.. a scary time...?Branching?


IrisF said...

Great Captures lady...I'm afraid our hearts are going to be in our throats a lot from here on. It is so hard to see them so close to the edge, isn't it?

Thanks a bunch, I loved this video and the music was perfect!!!

Mema Jo said...

Great video, Glo! I don't think it will be many more weeks to go before our Pearl starts the fledging season. I just remember how much anxiety we all have until a fledged eaglet returns to the nest! I can still remember the JOY that we all felt 2 seasons ago when all 3 returned at the same time to our nest.
Thanks again & please keep your video clips coming! ((hugs))

Joyce said...

A wonderful video Glo!
This nest is proving to be one of the " successful nests" this year. Great Family of Eagles.

Costume Lady said...

GLO, do you think Lib had indigestion that evening? He almost needed the Heimleagle maneuver. Once again, great song choice!