Monday, May 19, 2008

Pelican Harbor Eaglets snatched by intruder but alive

A Difficult Day at Pelican Harbor

K 26 and K 10 find themselves dealing with an empty nest tonight after an intruding eagle removes both of their young from the nest. One eaglet has a broken beak and the other a possible broken wing. They are being seen by a vet and after their healing will go to a hacking tower to continue their journey towards fledging and freedom. That is the prayer and hope for Skye and Spirit.

It was the quick phone calls from 2 forum members watching their nest on the eagle cam that resulted in IWS quick response and rescue and treatment of these two eaglets or they would not be alive tonight.

If you have received anything valuable from watching the eagle cams online and are in a position to make a donation to a worthwhile endeavor I would like you to consider IWS. Without the quick response of the team sent with the info of cam watchers there would no longer be these two young. Todays events add a sense of importance of the online cams to the continued comeback of the Bald Eagle. I do not think you will ever find a more dedicated group of people to the Wildlife they serve and Bald Eagles in particular than at IWS. The days events once again prove their limitless dedication.

To see some of the happenings of the actually snatch by the intruder you can go here.

Video 1

Video 2

How to contribute

or you can send email to

or you can send an email to Peter at:

You can mail checks to: Institute for Wildlife Studies - PO BOX 2500 - Avalon CA 90704

Credit card information can be emailed to Peter Sharpe, Ph.D. at IWS: or called directly to Dr. Sharpe at: 310-510-2728

PS you can designate your donations to go specifically to help defray the flight costs to move the twins to the mainland to a vet facility or to help defray their medical costs

An 8 pm CA time post by Dave of IWS crew

Hey All,

We found both chicks alive under the nest this afternoon, but after checking them over for injuries, we decided to bring them back to our facility here on the island and will be flying them both off to a vet clinic tomorrow morning. One bird has a slightly broken bill that looks like it should heal quickly, while the other may have a broken wing. They'll both get a thorough vet exam tomorrow and we'll fill you all in on the results as soon as we can. We'll also post some pictures tomorrow morning of rescue effort. Both birds seem to be doing extremely well considering what they've gone through today. We'd like to thank the cam watchers that gave us the 'heads-up' earlier today and alerted us to the happenings on the nest. It helps to have so many people keeping an eye on things when we can't.


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