Friday, June 06, 2008

June 6 NCTC Fledge update, Buddy Update, and time with the Loon Cam new baby

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Scenes from a Baby Loons fist day.

Enjoy watching the Loon cam here

A Fledgling returns to NCTC early this morning for breakfast.

An update on Buddy the Eaglet from Norfolk

Wildlife Center of Virginia
Bald Eagle Update
10:00 a.m. June 6

This report was filed by Dr. Dave McRuer, Director of Veterinary

Medicine at the Wildlife Center of Virginia:

The eaglet is back in good spirits again. After starting the

patient on a course of butorphanol (an opioid pain medication

offering the best known pain relief for birds), the eaglet is now

accepting food off the forceps, making force-feeding unnecessary.

The bird continues to be active in its enclosure. Just as if it

were in the nest, the eaglet defecates out the cage door, thus

keeping the nest clean.

We have taken the eaglet off its antibiotics and will be repeating

blood work today to assess the white blood cell count – an

indication of infection status. The bird continues to grow and

presently weighs 2.24kg – certainly up from the admitting weight of

1.02kg. The downy feathers have also been mostly replaced with the

first layer of contour feathers.

With regard to the pox lesion….it continues to shrink! The nostril

is still open and the surface of the mass is much drier and not as

raised on the most forward surface. Most encouraging is the fact

that the area within the mouth has receded and almost appears

normal. We are still planning on surgically removing the mass and

are waiting to hear back from potential surgeons.

Finally, we have received the results of our heavy metal and

organophosphate panels and I’m happy to report that all were within

“normal” limits. This likely indicates that these factors are not a

contributing cause to the bird’s infection.

Light a candle for Buddy here


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