Saturday, June 28, 2008

A visit with a three year old

A memory slideshow of my trip to Tucson this week. It may start automatically. If not, click on the first picture of Becky Eric and Elia's home. It will enlarge and you will see captions. From there you can choose slideshow and it will play for you OR you can choose next and watch at your own pace. Hope you enjoy, I know we surely had a great time.There is also a fullscreen option.
Click to play June 2008 memories
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Mema Jo said...

Yes! You have made many memories!
Thanks for sharing your trip with me

Joyce said...

That slide show brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful girl Elia is and I can tell she is as sweet as she is beautiful!! A lovely family... a wonderful grammy, and a great God!!

Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Glo, that slide show was wonderful. What a great family, and Elia is a darling. Thanks for sharing.

Love and Hugs

Welll, it still won't recognize me, but you know who I am...LOL