Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bald Eagle Release Story

I just happened to be talking with my son about a Bald Eagle release when he put me on to this story form Savannah Georgia.


Gabby said...

Thanks Glo for yet another Happy Ending!


Costume Lady said...

Glo, I loved this video! As the rescuer said, "Who wouldn't love an eagle?"! I love happy endings.
Thanks for sharing and thank your son.

Red said...

Thanks Glo. Will we be able to find out if he finds his mate. Would love some follow up on this story. Thanks for all the happy ending stories you find.

NillaWafer said...

Oh GloBug what a great video.. I dont know how you do it and find ways to make us laugh or cry with joy for these beautiful creatures of God.. Thanks so much, Hugs , Nilla

Mema Jo said...

Tears of happiness! The music (of course) added much to the video BUT watching the take off of Baldy was just awesome! Loved Dale's remark as to his reason for helping - He is this country's symbol!!!! No more to
be said!
Thank you again Glo - it was a very heartwarming coverage!

Just Vicky said...

Well you pulled out another neat story from your "eagle nest"! Thank you ever so much!

Genie said...

Thank you, Glo. You always find the best videos and pics to post. Of course, the ones you do yourself are usually my favorites. I loved the eagles in the Quad City area by your home this spring that you made into such a good presentation.

Like the others said, I love the happy ending for this eagle.


IrisF said...

WoW!!! Lucky for Baldy the "rescuer" saw he was in trouble and made that phone call! What an experience that was in and of itself! The interviewer acted like he/she didn't understand why one would be in awe of an EAGLE!

Loved seeing Baldy take flight and soar as eagles are supposed to do!

Another wonderful eagle do have a knack for finding these great stories for us all!
Thanks again... simply lovely!

wvgal_dana said...

Thank you Glo for a beautiful video of a "rescue and release" of a bald eagle. He can find his mate and they can be together again. I love the ending....smiles and happiness..Your so sweet for making this video....ty again hugs dana