Monday, August 11, 2008

Ruffles A Bald Eagle Release story.:

Ruffles a young recently fledged eagle was found on June 27 by Dustin Peterson at John Deere Golf course in Silvis Illinois. He contacted his photographer friend Stan Bousson who told him of a place called Hoo Haven and the work being done there by Karen Herdklotz. The bird was so week and sickly it put up no struggle at all as it was picked up for transport to the rehabilitation facility.
See more about Hoo Haven by clicking here:
See Photography work by Stan Bousson by clicking here

Once Ruffles was restored back to what appears to be a nice healthy young eagle, plans were put into place to return the eagle to the location close to where Dustin first found the bird. On August 10, 2008 Ruffles was returned to the area which is home for his parents and 2 other siblings fledged from the same nest this year.

Dustin has been given food to place out for Ruffles every other day for a period of time which will help to keep the young eagle's strength up as it perfects the skill of hunting, fishing, and otherwise finding its own food.

Here is Ruffles story as it unfolded with help from the above mentioned friends:


Costume Lady said...

Another happy ending. I would like to have seen Ruffles leave his cage when released; that was left out of the video. :(

IrisF said...

Wow another Great video Glo...Good luck Ruffles!!! What a lucky eagle that Dustin found Ruffles and also where to go for help! And now he gets to put out food for Ruffles too! You sure had a unique experience to be one of the few to watch Ruffles fledge!

glo said...

I know Wanda I had to choose either the photo or the video of the release. I chose the photo because of the darkness "shade" in the area. I can lighten a photo but not a video. The only ones who got the video were the TV folks and even though there were 3 of them there and I have watched every news cast since hoping to catch the actual flight I have seen nothing. Maybe they didn't get it either. As I said it happened really fast once they relocated him. Perhaps they were not ready. I was very very lucky to have gotten the capture I did get. I feel very happy with them actually and still see him coming right at me and just over my head.

IrisF said...

How awesome that he flew right at you and over your head!!! I know your heart was beating pretty fast!

Mauley said...

Glo, I loved the story of ruffles. I love evberything you do. How could I ever thank you enough for all the lhard work you do so I can enjoy the love of eagles. thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. donna

movin said...

Great clip of the release, Glo. I hope he and his mate continue to breed and nest for many years to come.

Now, I hope they can get Buddy fixed up and released into the wild soon.