Thursday, March 26, 2009

Historic Hatch at Two Harbors

Bald Eagles are once again not just surviving but thriving on the Channel Islands and Catalina Island off the Coast of California. This video is of the first hatchling of an eaglet at the Two Harbors nest in many a year, since DDT contamination had renderd their shells so thin the parents were unable to incubate them to the hatching point. I have been following the work of a man named Dr Peter Sharpe who has been retreiving the eggs from the nests on these islands and artificially hatching them at a fostering facility on Catalina Island while the adults would continue to incubate wooden eggs. Once hatched and a few days old he would return them to the nest for the care of their parents. Todays video gives you a chance to see through the eyes of the Bald Eagle what they should have been seeing for many a year had we not messed with their environment to the point that they actually were endangered by human choices. I congratulate Dr Sharpe and all those who have worked so hard to remove the Bald Eagle form the Endangered list. It must never ever happen again.

Although I had won an opportunity to see the fostering facility last year, I was unable to complete the trip. This year Dr Sharpe chose to not foster any eggs and see if in fact this nest among several others were once again able to hatch their own. Watch the glorious and exciting result in this video made this morning for Two Harbors.
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81 Dad after visiting twice and waiting for his turn to once again parent the egg/eaglet comes up with a plan:

Nice view of Little One and succesful Dad in capture by Lori

See video of Dad removing eggshell as eaglet is hatching here

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