Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is an Historic Hatching imminent at Two Harbors?

This year Dr Sharpe has chosen to not foster any eggs to the incubation facility. All of the eagles are brooding their own eggs. Two Harbors eggs are do to hatch at any time now. Will it happen? What will be the eagle's reaction as one of those eggs actually starts to peep and come to life instead of arriving int he nest a few days old. What kind of parents will they be with their first hatch? To me right now Two Harbors is in fact the cam to not miss watching over the next few days. So much to see that has not been seen before by this pair and thier young if all goes well. You can watch this cam here


Costume Lady said...

This is VERY exciting. I wasn't aware that this was going on. I can't get many of the nests that you can, so I don't follow along with their progress. Thanks, Glo, for bringing this interesting happening to our attention:)

glo said...

Yes Wanda This is awesome. I will have this cam on all day today but since I worked last night it might not do me much good LOL.