Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15

NCTC Photos below from Deb and Megan NCTC Bloggers.

Patti from Maine forum has made a slideshow which is closest thing we have seen to movement in the nestbowl all weekend. Click Here.

OK still 3 eggs...keep a very close eye on this cam.


A sweet photo from Soggy Norfolk nest.

Drama continues on Maine is never boring there for sure...see video here:

2 eggs at PH Video of eggroll

Fri March 13 3 eggs are seen at Sidney nest as well Decorah IA has 3 eggs...Photo below by Judy B Maine forum

Hornby offline til later tonight, no egg laid there yet as far as we know but pair has been seen in nest at nighttime.


normabyrd said...

GLO--(now known as TOTALLY NUTTY)
Your pics are AWESOME!!----looking at your pics make one feel she/he has died & gone to EAGLE heaven!!----(with angels singing in the background)-----thanks---

Costume Lady said...

I must have cataracts, Glo...all I can see in anyone's photos is fuzzy. What do you see? Point it out to us so we will know where to look. I know there is a chick in there somewhere:)

magpie said...

I Methinks mine eyes are still fuzzy from Saturday! I see what I think is chick partly covered with fluff, and one egg, don't see another egg here.
Thanks for the picture...