Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NCTC Hatch?


movin said...

** Alright, Glo!! **

I did clearly see a chick moving with some energy, which probably means it had been hatched for a while and recovered its strength.

What time was the clip taken, Glo??
I wonder now if it is No. 1 or No. 2. We still have some waiting and wondering, but we have one new chick definitely. OOORAH!!

Congratulations, Glo, on the great capture!!


Eagle-Eyed Sharon said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my!! Our newest baby!

movin said...

By the way, Glo. This is my second viewing of the clip, and I read your note about lead bullets at the top.

You might be interested that ammunition manufacturers are developing new bullets to deal with this problem.

One type like the 'Barnes Triple-Shock' bullet is an excellent-performing hunting bullet, which is made 100% of copper. And it's already recognized by hunters in CA to be at least the equal of lead bullets...and about the same price.

A second type of new bullet is made of a copper jacket, which is "chemically bonded" to the lead core, and which is engineered to mushroom in a controlled method to prevent fragmentation and to
retain essentially 100% of its lead in the original bullet.

Both types lead to essentially lead-free meat and entrails. And with all the research going on, there will probably be more materials utilized for new bullets. (Tungsten, for example).



glo said...

Yes Jim I had hear about the newer amunition at the same conference where I was informed about the lead still in some bullets some places etc. I am glad the word is getting out and things are changing.