Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 7 nestcam Happenings

From Cumbrian on IWS forum the down day I was referring to
yesterday. The breaking news of a previos thread here has turned
to sad news now :

Sad News .... the PH Nest has lost their chick.

It is uncertain how ... or when ... the chick died.
The observers in Nest Watch did not see the chick at all this
morning ... and there were no feedings.
Then this afternoon observers saw ... what appeared to be ...
the body being removed from the bowl and placed at the side.
The adults have continued to incubate the second egg that is
still in the bowl.

The thought is that West End has a chick;
Here is a link to a video made by Cubrian

Below is a video I made of Wrays return to the nest

And a video view of actions around the nestcams I made for you.

Post on IWS forum by Dr Sharpe regarding Pelican Harbor and West End Activity today:"Based upon their behavior today, I would guess that a chick hatched at the Pelican Harbor nest around 10:30 am. That is when the male finally settled back down into the nest bowl after about an hour of jumping around. I'd give the chick about 6-8 hours to start poking its head up for some food. Of course I can't be sure there is a chick until we see one. I'm taking a day off at home, but have had the cameras up all day.

West End also appears to have a chick hidden away, although I haven't seen it either. "

He did quickly remind folks that this is not confirmed until a chikc is actually seen and there is no info on whether or not he has watched the video y Cumbrian I posted a link to above.

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