Monday, April 06, 2009

I Love this Blog Very Much

But having said that I am sincerely wondering if anyone else is actually following it on any regular basis anymore.

If there are a half dozen or so of you who actually still watch for and enjoy these feeds I do need to know. This Blog does take anonymous comments so post away. You will not see the comment right away as it does get filtered through my email ...or obvious reasons.

Eagle Season has its ups and downs and today it has had another one of those downs.

I am not sure if I need to actually search for the ups and downs and latest news on the nest cams anymore or not.

There are so many different forums and blogs etc. I need to know if there is still a need here for what I do. Please let me know.

There have been almost no comments for weeks now and I need to know where I am with this Blog.




Anonymous said...

I for one enjoy your blog and have had it bookmarked for years. I am a lurker on the forums - i just enjoy following the eagles. In fact, it was your post today that sent me looking for the bad news, which i discovered over at iws - so sad. i hope you get enough response to keep up with your blog! it is a wonderful compiliation of the happenings in the eagle cam world.

Just Vicky said...

Don't want to see this leave!!

IrisF said...

Glo, I love that you keep us all informed. For me it has not been a matter of not caring, but of not having enough time this year. Your posts are the only thing that keeps me in the loop at all. I do not like being so busy, but hope this is just a transitory thing. Please don't stop!

Arlene said...

Dear Glo, I love the info that I get here and so look forward to your updates, pics and clips. I don't comment often as I should and I'm sorry. Will try to do better.

Anonymous said...

WELL let me tell you I can't wait to get too my computer each & every day(all day long) to check in on all the EAGLE sites. I absolutley love these sites, I can't believe how much joy they give me to watch the progress of these BEAUTIFULL BIRDS. This is so amasing to be able to watch the whole process. Please keep up all the good work.Penny

Anonymous said...

Glo, I rarely get to see everything, and not even sure this will blog for me anymore, but I do enjoy your updates. They are a good quick recap, which it seems is all I can do lately. Not even going to try my account, but I do appreciate your blogs and your FeedBlitz. Love ya, Suzanne

glo said...

OK I now know there are folks out here reading and enjoying. Thats all I needed to know. "Smiling" A very good reason to continue.

Off to get my hair done this morning and I have to work tonight BUT I will do an update then sometime in the next day or two JUST for all of you :-)

Just Vicky said...


wvgal_dana said...

Hope you like your hair do lady.

I might not get here right away with everything going on. I fianlly make it though.

I may not always comment. I read I look and I like.

gabbygirl said...

Glo if i have 100 emails as i scroll thru them this is one i open first. I don`t follow all the nests as you do but there are the select few that i am very interested in. I find this blog and site very useful for all the links provided as well. your posts are well written ad extremely informative.....and because of that ..there is very little i can add!!! no sense repeating what you`ve already told us!! but I guess THANK YOU wouldn`t hurt and for that I am sorry!!.... Please Glo continue to keep us informed!!d.j

Joyce said...

Mercy...I just read this tonight! I LOVE coming here and I do try hard to comment when I get a chance. You have one of the BEST sites on the web that cover all eagles.

I vote STAY !!!!!

Love ya Glo!