Monday, April 13, 2009

Nestcams for April 13

A video summary of the nestcams which you are bound to enjoy IF you will pour yourself a cup of tea/coffee etc, stop a minute and watch. Click here

In a sad note once again Pelican Harbor has lost its second eaglet at about 2 days old. Many of you know this is the same nest where a rogue eagle knocked Spirit and Skye last year before they were able to fledge. Poor K 10 and K 26 have 2 years in a row of thier young hatching and suddenly disappearing. This kind of information does deeply affect me. I am glad I did not know yesterday and to be honest I have not searched any further for any thoughts at IWS on what is happening at Pelican Harbor. This is definitely a nest of Untamed and Uncut Eagle Life


Arlene said...

It's amazing to watch the eaglets grow! I am saddened by the loss at Pelican Harbor but encouraged that they will try again and again.
Thank you Glo, for allowing us to watch the nest happenings through your eyes.

Just Vicky said...

Sure appreciate your updates like this Glo! Please keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Hello Glo,
You have a wonderful blog here. I can see the work you put into it. It really shows your love and big heart. Seeing and hearing about Pelican Harbor makes me realize how lucky we were when we first started watching the NCTC Eagle Cam with only the 30 seconds instead of a live cam. To us, it all went so well. Since then we have learned so much.
As you probably know, I usually just like to lurk but I felt the need to come in here and say, Thank You!

glo said...

Thank You. Yes it was a magically wonderful surely does not always go so well for our feathered friends.