Thursday, March 29, 2007

Eaglet Heartbeat Monitor, Maines Weather new cam and much more...

California nests to be hatching out their eggs over the next several days. As you remeber 2 of these nests have wooden eggs as the others were removed and are being hatched by Dr Sharpe in an incubator. You can actually take a look here at how Dr Sharpe is even able to monitor the heartbeats of the eaglets embryos.

Just 2 weeks from hatching and Maine pair leaves nest an extended period of time...has this years weather also had a negative effect on another pair of eagles...well only time will tell but you can read more info here aobut this pair and their nest.

Also be sure to check out a New eagle Cam from Libby Montana....You will find its link on the side of the BLOG with links to all of the other cams we cover here. Also see pictures of the nesting eagle in Todays FilmLoop.

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