Monday, March 26, 2007

March 25 and 26 2 Videos and a FilmLoop

I did not update the BLOG yesterday which makes for lots more information tonight. I have included all I can and yet have also had to cut out lots of good stuff. Well lets face it everything about eagles is good and with my helpers onboard now...Genie, Minnie, Vicky and Iris as well as those who send in occasional pictures for the FilmLoop we have lots of neat stuff to share.

I had planned to also give you lots more info on one of the nests added last sat out of OK. The plan now is to capture some more footage as well as give you lots more info from Alan who visited us in chat on Sat to inform us some about this cam so stay tuned for tomorrow night. You can find the OK cam listed on the cam links at the left of this BLOG..have a look, there are 3 babies in that nest being cared for by another gorgeous pair of eagles.

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