Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Flexing, Flying, Fishing and Feeding etc

Thanks Iris for seeing and sharing this next story on our forum (the link to the forum is on the left IF you haven't found it yet). This is a little sequel to the Beautiful story of George and Martha of Washington DC Eagle Style. who have been covered in previous posts on this BLOG. The full story can be read here.

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IrisF said...

Loved this Video Glo, makes me want to see more, more, more of these precious eagles!!! They are such fun to watch and you put together such wonderful videos of them. Thanks os much!!!

I don't see a place to comment on the Maine nest, but it looks to me like 3 eagles as I can't see Mom pushing Dad out of the nest like that, can you? And, it knew it shouldn't be there. I think if Dad had brought in that fish, he would not have acted that way. Anyway I watched all three of rgeegee's videos and that's my opinion. They sure were loud weren't they?