Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome Baby Tesoro

Help us all welcome Baby Tesoro. I hope you will enjoy this video.


Red said...

Great feeding video Glo. Guess our active viewing season has begun. Thanks for sharing.


Genie said...

Wonderful video, Glo. I like seeing the adults at the nest, but I will be glad when we get some nests with little chicks that we can see.

Genie said...

Do we know if there was only one egg (chick) or is there another one yet to hatch...already hatched...I love the streaming webcam instead of 30 sec refresh, but sure would like to see INTO that nest.


glo said...

No we certainly do not at all know how many eggs/chicks are in the nest. Only little bobble heads is gonna tell us anything for sure.

Mauley said...

Oh, Glo, how can we thank you for the video. thanks donna

movin said...

Thanks, Glo. Great to see the Tesoro pair succeeding again.

I was lucky enough to sign on to that site yesterday for the first time this season, and I actually saw this action ... without the Elvis song in the background.

I think I saw the female feeding one chick and rolling at least one egg at about the same time today
(1/13). So likely they will have
2 or 3 chicks this season.


Costume Lady said...

Glo, I liked this video so much, that I immediately sent it to my grandson and forgot to comment.
The music along with the video is so beautiful and appropriate.