Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jan 27 Eagle cam update

The nests are picking up on very interesting activity.

Talk about Wind beneath my wings...Click here to take a look at this capture by rgeegee of Maine forum

Tess and Oro our 2 eaglets at Tesoro are doing very well and appear to have wonderful parents.

George and Gracies kids at Cape Coral 1 are getting big.

Cape Coral 2 has at least 1 chick

Lady Blackwater has laid her first egg on Sat Jan 26

Norfolk cam is up 24/7 now. Click here to see an animation from Judy of Maine forum...This pair is definitely working on their next family

Liberty and Belle from NCTC are seen very freuqently at their nest working on the nest and the family.

Pelican Harbor continue to spend lots of time working and discussing their nestorations take a look here

And the latest info from Kent shared with us by MeMa Jo as she relates an email from Loraine on 1/26

They're here and around. The nest is pretty bewildering to look at right
now, squirrels dismantled it through the fall and this winter - not much
there for them to work with but we'll see as time goes on. They've been
roosting in a huge fir on the west side of our house at about 80-90' up and
about the same distance from the nest tree base. Possibly start a new nest
there? Hmm, won't know for a while. Their roosting there may only be for
protection from the weather and as soon as it changes they'll start again??
I haven't had a chance to look at the forum yet, The pic you sent sort of looks like Spirit... but then again it could be Star too??? The cropping puts it way out of focus, too hard to tell..
Stay tuned! Thanks for writing!
Loraine and Garry

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Costume Lady said...

Thank you for the updates, Glo. The video of the two at PH is hilarious; they seem to be fighting over where that branch should go. Hope they have better luck this year. A63 was a lonely fella.