Saturday, January 05, 2008

News about myself AND the Eagles.

I had five days off from work following the busy holidays. I enjoyed getting out to see the eagles near my home. I hope you will enjoy this slide show of some of what these eagles shared with me. All photos except for one were taken from public viewing areas or in my car. I do my best to practice good eagle etiquette when I am around these birds. The one closer photo you will see here was taken only after a local newspaper photographer had selected a close spot under a tree where the eagle just sat and posed. As the photographer returned to his car he said "Go Stand where I was (in a foot of snow actually LOL) and you will get a nice shot from there. Well since a human had already been that close and the eagle seemed very undisturbed I did go to that spot for one of these pictures.

IMPORTANT HINT If you hit the pause as this loads then you can the next and watch the show on your own time.

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Eagle Season Online is also getting somewhat more active. Pelican Harbor saw both adults on the Nest this past week. Look for 5 nests online out of Channel Islands this next season. Maine also had 2 adults on the nest most likely now believed to be the Original Pair and "owners" of the nest. Intruders do seem to still be in the area however. Kent and Oregon have both seen one adult on their nest this past week as well. NCTC also has had one quesitonable visitor perhaps. Blackwater is "winging it" their fans know what I mean. Cape Coral has a hatch or two and some thing they have spotted a little bobblehead. Tesoro is due to hatch in the next week. Stay tuned our Eagle Season is slowly picking up pace.

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Anonymous said...

Glo, I am overwhelmed at the wonderful pictures you have taken. You are so fortunate to live where there is such a "gathering of eagles", and we are so fortunate that you share the beauty with us.
Well, once again, it is refusing to acknowledge my password. so guess it will publish as anonymous


Marcia said...

YAY, Glo!!! You and that camera are becoming downright dangerous! :-) Simply superb compilation of your adventures with the eagles. Encore! I really enjoyed the 'full screen' option for viewing.

glo said...

Genie I am not sure you have a Blogger account. This is not the same as the forum so no it won't accept the forum passowrd. its oK htough as I am acceptin anonymous posts or you could just choose nickname and fill in Genie.

I got your post and am very glad you liked the show. I am in fact very very fortunate.

Just Vicky said...

Outstanding as always! Nothing less ever comes from you Glo!

Genie said...

This is just a test to see if I can post. And I can say "fantastic pictures" again, since I watched them again.


Mema Jo said...

Awesome, Glo! I had to run through them a couple of times because I enjoyed them so much.
So glad you had the time off and enjoyed it with the eagles!

IrisF said...

Breathtaking, absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! Some of those photos belong in a magazine!!! Or, at least on a tee shirt!!!! I agree with Marcia - that guy from the paper that told you to stand where he had been had better watch out! With that camera you are armed and dangerous girl!!!!

Dutch Eagle Fan said...

Glo, these pics are simply FANTASTIC!
I envy you, being able to see so many of these "Regal" Eagles.
If it's okay with you, I would like to post a link to your blog on my Peregrine forum.
I'm sure many members will greatly enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures.

glo said...

Well Thanks DEF I would be honored. I would love for anyone who might enjoy seeing the pictures to know they are here.

Costume Lady said...

Glo, one can tell from your videos that you have a great love for eagles. You would have to, to capture the beauty of them as you have done.

d.j said...

AMAZING!!! I am so jealous you live this close to so many eagles!!!.Your pictures are amazing!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

normabyrd said...

GLO---NO WORDS!!----AWESOME!!---I can't imagine seeing that many EAGLES in my life time!!!---You were fortunate enough to see in an afternoon!!!----Thanks for sharing!!----BEAUTIFUL!!!!!