Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tesoro Bobbleheads chow down, Norfolk and Bartons Cove

A nice closeup of one of the Tesoro Babies captured by Birder...Thanks Birder..that is a prescious moment.

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Norfolk is working hard on their camera. When they get their feed totally fined tuned and ready to broadcast 24/7 my guess is it will be phenomenal. I hope you did bookmark their site for slideshows as I had encouraged in a previous feed. Here is an awesome photo from a couple of days ago. Our Zoomers names are Reese Lukei , Joe Foreman, Perry Mathewes , Stephen Living,

Info from Bill to Judy B of Maine Forum regarding the work needed at the nest site for Northeast Utilities NE also known as Bartons Cove...

The batteries were installed yesterday, now we're tracking down
electronic gremlins with Montague TV ( the local cable access provider),
final testing of the new dedicated eagle line, and the various switches
and settings associated with a new set up.

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